Art Guidelines

Listed below are the digital formats we use. If you cannot provide this format, not to worry, we will convert it for you. We offer a full range of in-house design and production services.

Submit art via e-mail or CD-ROM. You may also send large files by way of our FTP site. Go to our upload page to link in. Please keep in mind that photos enlarged more than 150% in your files will begin to pixelate. Make sure colors are defined as spot colors (PMS) or CMYK (4-color process)

• Adobe Illustrator – preferred format
Art files in a vector format (Illustrator EPS)
Include all fonts and imported images. All copy and text may be converted to outline
• InDesign – Please include all fonts and imported images.
• Adobe Photoshop – acceptable format
TIFF, JPG and Photoshop EPS images if created at 300 dpi (dots per inch) or higher

The following formats will not allow us to produce your order with a crisp, clear imprint:

• JPG, GIF and BMP (bitmap) 72 dpi or lower
• Images placed into desktop programs such as Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel or PowerPoint
We do not accept files in Publisher, CorelDraw, Word, Powerpoint or QuarkXpress.

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